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Meet iTrip North Shore, Massachusetts

Liann DiMare is the owner and manager of iTrip Vacations North Shore Massachusetts. As a lifelong Massachusetts native, Liann has spent thousands of hours exploring and enjoying the North Shore by land and sea. She has also traveled around the world and owns a vacation rental in Florida. As a global traveler and vacation rental owner, Liann combines her love of travel with the responsibility of property ownership to bring an excellent experience to iTrip homeowners and guests.

As a fellow real-estate investor, Liann also understands the value of a well-managed vacation rental. An outstanding vacation rental manager artfully balances maximum revenues with meticulous property care while providing full transparency to the owner. Liann chose to purchase an iTrip Vacations franchise after seeing the results of iTrip's innovations on her property. The results have been astonishing! 

Want to learn more? She will happily share her success story with vacation property owners of the North Shore. Contact Liann at iTrip Vacations North Shore Massachusetts for more information.

For decades, Liann has provided best-in-class services for a top-tier technology company, receiving multiple awards from clients, partners and peers. To deliver superior results, she managed service quality from many aspects: direct staff, sub-contractors and client relations. Liann’s commitment to excellence means attentive care of rental owners’ properties and guests’ vacations.

In addition, Liann combines her experience in real estate and customer service to provide quality vacation rental services. The area features over 400-years of seafaring history, long stretches of unspoiled beaches, meandering rocky shoreline and rich culture -- all of which she welcomes the opportunity to share. Liann serves the area north of Boston -- affectionately known as the North Shore -- which stretches from Salisbury Beach on New Hampshire's border to Saugus, with beautiful locations along the way, including: Gloucester, Ipswich, Newburyport, Plum Island, Rockport and Salem.

Make the switch today! Learn more about iTrip Vacations North Shore Massachusetts rentals and property management services.

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iTrip Vacations North Shore Massachusetts
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